About us

The Thirty Six and Oh! Brand was inspired by a single photograph, a love of sports and obsession with the American Tee. It was the discovery of an almost century-old photograph of my father, dressed in his football gear that inspired me to explore the captivating history of sports.

To share this new found love, Thirty Six and Oh! brings focus to the visual history of sports, when they were beginning to shape the recreational calendar of America. We are doing this by marrying vintage sports images with an American fashion standard, the simple, yet iconic, tee shirt.

Our line of shirts will represent an innocent time in the history of sports and provide the comfort of that one favorite tee shirt we all have. You know, the go-to tee shirt that you probably should have retired, like players past. So trendy and so comfortable. Your Thirty Six and Oh! tee shirt, a rookie today, will become one of the leaders of your wardrobe for years to come.

We will be introducing additional contemporary themes such as the Thirty Six and Oh! “Trash Talking” line of tees and more. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn a little about the history of sport and announcements of product lines, amazing specials and more.

We will be engaging loyal followers and rewarding those who contribute to the brand. Watch for more information about this groundbreaking concept.

Love your sports, love your 36 and Oh! tees!

Bill Booth, Founder


P.S. A special thanks to Kim K. for her support of the 36 and Oh! brand!

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Flyers Strong


Dallas Sucks

Carson City

In Wentz We Trust

Philadelphia Draft

Flyers Love

Flyers 50th Anniversary

Eagles Love Sparkle